Wednesday, September 15, 2010


High in the Sierras located in Mono County is Bridgeport, California. Bridgeport is a very small town; however it serves as the County Seat for Mono County as nearby ghost town Bodie had the largest population during the Gold Rush. This small town is where our cattle graze during the summer. It also has the most amazing fishing in all of California. We are lucky enough to get out of the heat of Independence and spend some time in this beautiful valley. We run our cows and calves along with some steers in the numerous pastures that surround the town. The pastures are irrigated by Twin Lakes which is feed with the winter run-off that is the back side of Yosemite. The views are amazing and when I am up there I can not believe how wonderful California is, and how lucky I am to have chance to enjoy this area.

Bridgeport has many great events but 4th of July is just how you picture it: a local ranch rodeo, games for kids that include find the dollar in the hay stack, pie eating contest, and a rubber duck race in the Walker River, just to name a few – and they have one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen. We put on the rodeo at the ranch so everyone involved is either working the event or participating. Friends and family show up from throughout the state staying in town and taking in the local events and going on horseback rides through the ranch.

We were just up in Bridgeport again over Labor Day where we host a Calf Branding Contest where four riders have to rope calves then brand them with chalk or paint in the shortest amount of time. It can get pretty western, but it is exciting to watch and participate in. They also have a sorting, reverse team roping, and reverse steer stopping that brings the crowds and competitors.

If you ever get the chance to spend a weekend in Bridgeport, take it. You will be glad you got away to a beautiful and amazing fishing and ranching area right here in California. I know I am every time I drive into town roll down the truck window and take a deep breath.


  1. Hey Mark!
    Juan Berber here from Paso Robles H.S. Its been many years but I would like to catch up to the old days in Mr. Sullivans class. Me, you, Tommy, Mark and Dave. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

    Cell 303-877-5871

  2. We just got to catch up on your blog and really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to describe Eastern side and your cattle operations. Even though we have heard much of the cattle information before we always find it fascinating. We learned new aspects from your descriptions too. It is great to see the family in the pictures of the spectacular scenery. We hope to try a flat iron steak!! Thanks again, Scott & Melanie Hubbard

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  4. Bridgefront must be a very good place to settle in. What I like the most here is the green fields with lots of cattle around. It’s so good to live in a place like this, and it’s very refreshing and calming! I would love to settle in that kind of surroundings with my family.

    *Rodger Ciliberto