Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Molly

I’m Molly Lacey I live in Independence, California and I live on a ranch. The ranch life is really fun I like working with my horse Frito she is the best. We do mountain trail rides, barrel racing, and shows. I enjoy photography especially taking photos on the ranch I get a lot of great pictures of the cattle, horses, and the Owens Valley. March-July its really busy for my family, not only are we branding and shipping cattle, but I am raising rabbits and hogs for the Bishop Tri County Fair. In March my sister Katie and I bred our four Californian does to the bucks for the rabbit meat pens.

In April Katie and I got our hogs for the livestock show. My pig from 2009 had babies so I got one from the sow Bella and I named her Quincy. Then I got my other pig from a friend of ours and it came from South Dakota. I like showing pigs because they are really fun and they are easy to take care of. In April my mom sold her lambs to the 4-H and FFA kids to take to the fair. I like showing lambs, but they are a little too hard for me to hold onto. My sister shows sheep way more than I do, but I like seeing the babies grow up. So my life is mainly around the ranch, my school work, and now being a cheerleader. I love helping on the ranch and where I live, the Owens Valley is a beautiful place. I will keep you posted about my projects and how my last 4-H year goes; I can’t wait to join FFA next year when I go to high school.


  1. Molly, Thanks so much for sharing your love of your ranch life. We are all so blessed to live in the Owen's Valley where there is plenty of beauty to appreciate, and time and space to appreciate it in. We're glad you're enjoying your animals. They seem like a lot of work to us. Don't see how you do it!
    Good luck next week at high school. The Hubbards

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