Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking in the Owens Valley

The mom gets away for a two mile walk with the cow dogs a couple of times a week. These are the amazing views that I get to look at as I listen to my iPod and zone out thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. The locus trees have almost finished blooming so chances are pretty good we won’t have another hard freeze. The Inyo Mountains on the east side are purple and sage colored while the Sierras have a grey blue look and a melting snow pack from a long winter. What we do during the year is based on the events that surround the cattle operation. The cattle are being gathered and shipped up to the summer country in Bridgeport to be put out on the irrigated pastures. It is a busy time with many early mornings and late nights.


  1. Tom Maloney recommended I read your blog. Gorgeous photographs! I can't wait to read more. Sincerely, Kristine Zeigler

  2. Amazing looking pictures. I love the Owens valley. Four years ago I produced a TV pilot for the Animal Planet with Steve Seareles in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I loved that drive up and back on 395. I'm in the process of creating an outdoor show, mainly on predator hunting. I was just in Eastern Montana with the locals who support all the ranchers in the area with year round coyote hunting. I wanted to contact you concerning your ranch or other ranchers in the area. I can be reached at You can see much of th ework I have been doing since 911 supporting our troops and their families here at home on my site and at Look forward to speak with you. My phone number is listed on my return e-mail.

  3. Hi Lacey Family - thought you might enjoy my love letter to Mount Tom and the Owens Valley -

    Take good care,
    Kristine Zeigler